I started a serious art pursuit two decades ago, at Columbia College (1991 – 1995). My current position is the fifth grade gifted teacher in Kankakee District 111. Despite the system, I remain a creative and motivated teacher, and the profession’s schedule is a plus. I’m always working on art and ideas, and I take advantage of holiday and summer vacation time when I can really focus and create more elaborate pieces.

I’ve developed several means of creation—writing, visual art, music, performance art, constructivist art, conceptual art—and all voices feel right. A roulette-style wheel spins inside me, and I match new ideas with a best medium for expression.

I admire the working methods of Christo and Jeanne-Claude; I identify with the decade (1927—1937) when Joan Miró declared he wanted to “assassinate painting” and then stretched his creative resources in the pursuit of something new; I share the innovative and mechanical yearnings of my father, who has spent a lifetime blazing his own trail.

September, 2013


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